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Why Aussies Buy Bullbars

And why you should too…

If any country was most in need of bullbars, we’d like to think it would be Australia. That’s not just because we want to sell them (though that’s a great reason too), but also because we’re proud. Australia is home to some of the most rugged, diverse terrain out there.

The Australian 4WD Industry Council’s 2011 survey documented motorists’ experiences with bullbars. Let’s have a closer look and find out WHY so many Aussies are buying bullbars today.

Did you know that…

  • Only 10% of respondents did NOT have a bullbar fitted?
  • 98% fit a bullbar for protection from animal strikes?
  • Other reasons included winch mounting platform, auxiliary lighting mounting and communication equipment mounting?

The survey shows that many motorists get a bullbar fitted after an animal strike. In our nature-filled terrain, you encounter animals off the road AND on it. This is why it’s important to be proactive and protect yourself from such a situation.

Animal strikes can cause serious damage to your car, you and your loved ones.

Don’t take any chances. If you are interested in getting a bullbar and increasing the safety of your drive, get in touch today.
To see the full survey, click here http://www.aaaa.com.au/data/BullBarSurvey.pdf