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Get Trained for the Toughest Terrain

Are you a 4WD lover? Because we sure are! Think of 4WD and you automatically imaginedriving in challenging weather, across the country, off the road, and up and down the bumpiest terrain. Our adrenaline is pumping just thinking about it… But, so are our nerves.

Here at WA Bullbars, we want our customers to be SAFE first and adventurous second. That’s why we are taking a quick second to talk about the importance of training. If you’re an adrenaline junkie (like many of our clients) or are just new to 4WD vehicles in general, you may want to consider taking a course.

There are many companies in Western Australia that offer Off-Road and Defensive Driver training courses in real-world environments to help you deal with the challenges you might face on the road. Many even have e-Learning for those of you always on the go. They have beginner and advanced courses for Commercial and Recreational purposes.

These courses will allow you to:

  • Understand the basics about your 4WD and how it works
  • Develop the confidence to take your 4WD off-road and on unsealed roads
  • Operate 4WD vehicles in challenging soft sand and bush environments
  • Gain practical experience in operating your 4WD in difficult terrain.
  • Learn important recovery techniques
  • Drive your 4WD Safely in any condition

AND the courses aren’t too expensive. Check some out today. Just make sure they’re Registered Training Organisations (RTO). We only want you to learn from the best.

One great way to stay safe is to make sure your 4WD is fitted with a bullbar. If you’re interested in finding out more, get in touch today. Our friendly staff are always on call to help.