Australia Born

Developed and tested in some of the world’s toughest, most diverse terrain, you know that our bullbars will stand the test of time.

Sell the Best

If you want the best for your clients, look no further. Carefully crafted from premium materials, our bullbars will keep them road ready.

Armadillo Bash Plates Available

Made tough for hard work; the Armadillo Bash Plates Perth, provides under-body protection for your vehicle in the harshest environments.

We’ll Come to You

We work with distributors to bring our bullbars to drivers across Western Australia. Check out where we’re located near you.

Our Range, Your Needs

We make bullbars for a wide range of makes and models. Using only the highest quality materials, our bullbars are MADE TO LAST!

Drive Smarter

Whether you’re looking to improve your safety on the road or travel off the beaten track, WA Bullbars have just what you need.

Our Latest Posts

Through our blog, we regularly share tips, techniques and general fuel for thought to help you get the most out of your drive.

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