Our Range of Bullbars

The safe & stylish way to stay road ready

We believe WA Bullbars are the best looking, safest and most rugged engineered bullbars available today. We manufacture a wide range of bullbars for both airbag compatible and non-airbag 4wd vehicles and some light trucks.

Here’s just a few reasons you’ll also think we’re the best on the market:

  • They’re tough: Our bullbars are designed, tested and certified in Australia, home to some of the toughest terrain out there. With them leading the way, you can drive smarter and bolder.
  • They’re made to last: And that makes them a great investment. Carefully crafted with premium materials, they’ll keep you ready for any challenges you encounter – on the road or off it!
  • They’re safe: WA Bullbars provide strong and stylish front-end protection. All bullbars manufactured for vehicles with airbags have been tested by Automotive Safety Engineering Pty Ltd.
  • They’re easy to fit: We understand that everyone is short of time (and patience) nowadays. Our bullbars offer easy installation, something that our customers really love.

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